Working for Intel

I’ve been working for Intel from 2011 up to 2019. 8 years experience working for Intel Deutschland GmbH.

What started as a positive experience turned in daily mobbing practices by Intel, with complacent and smug support of human resources, managers, the works council.

In 2016 starts the story you are going to read.

I. Part: Introduction

In April 2016 a massive 11% workforce reduction took place. They have given a clean name to polish this dirty action: ACT (Accelerate Changes and Transformations).

Intel’s methods to force people to leave are ruthless, unfair, probably illegal. I protested vehemently against Intel’s unfair methods. As retaliation, I was fired.

II. Part: Fakes

After I won a lawsuit against Intel, I was re-integrated into my workplace in Intel.

I began working for Intel again in June 2017. Intel mobbing is going to start.

The mobbing company is going to show its real face. They are structured and equipped to do this. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had a secret mobbing manual, to take out of the drawer in moments like this.

Immediately after re-joining, they started their bullying.

As it was clear to them that I would have not given any opportunity to complain about my work, the mobbing company started systematically faking any result of my work.

The mobbing company has started to systematically sabotaging my work.

Collecting the false allegations and using them to fire me a second time. All my complaints are ignored or rejected with grotesque justifications.

Working for Intel is not going to be fun anymore.

There are the steps of the bullying:

III. Part: an acceleration

The mobbing company knows the showdown is coming soon, they want to score some more points to use for my dismissal, with new fakes.

IV. Part: the showdown

Final false allegations. Intel brings them in front of the court.

V. Part: Further info (2019)

  • A lawsuit for unfair dismissal (German: Kündigungsschutzklage) is currently underway. I don’t know how this will end, as it is not always easy to demonstrate a court you are right. Especially when you are not anymore in the company, and when it gets down to technical discussion in front of a court.
  • A defamation complaint (according to criminal law) against employees Tibor M and Marie-Therese R, is suspended pending a civil action showing that there were false accusations.
  • As I published my website, the mobbing company, who was hurt by it, decided to fire me again in case I win in the second instance in the court. I issued a new lawsuit against Intel.

V. Part: Update 2020

  • In January 2020 I decided to settle the appeal of the lawsuit with an economical agreement. Although I saw a good chance to win the appeal, finally with a good lawyer, there were still many other legal fights ahead against the mobbing company. So I decided to settle all.
  • My fight continues with my website. I wish as many people as possible know the true face of Intel: a mobbing company.

Never back off in front of a bully. Always keep your stance.

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