A trip to Linz

This is my favorite post because it clearly shows the bullying that is going on and how low Intel can go.

As part of its bullying strategy Intel assigned me a CAP (Corrective Action Plan), a very infamating thing for anyone who receive it.

In the post October 2017, manager OS starts the defamation campaign I wrote that I will not let go so easily the false allegation contained in the CAP that my technical qualifications are insufficient. Therefore I started sending the same email (almost) every day.

From 19.12.2017 until the 17.05.2018 I asked manager TM:

  • what are the missing technical qualifications?
  • when have you seen those missing qualifications?

Intel’s manager TM answered my email 2 times, unfortunately all 2 times he didn’t answer my questions.

These are manager TM answers.

The 1st answer of Intel’s manager TM

Manager TM tries to answer to my questions on the missing technical qualification doing a list of what is expected by me (subject are the test):

– Plan it

– assign a priority to it

– execute those measurements

– make a plausibility check on the results

– repeat measurements on more DUTs (if needed)

– consolidate the results

– safely store them on the projet drive

– share and review them together with the CD/SE community

The answer is very generic, not mentioning any technical qualification. Nor when this happened, if you can say so, considering the vagueness of the answer.

Manager TM first attempt to answer my email failed.

The 2nd answer of Intel’s manager TM

On the 17.01.2018 manager TM answers again to my email.

In his answer he wrote, that the lack of qualifications was my self-assessment because I wrote: “I’ve not been trained on the tools (Matlab or *****) we use for verification”. The trick is extremely dirty, but at this point, we don’t expect anything different from manager TM, he purposely miss-interpret “I’ve not been trained…” with “I’m not able to use…”, to use it against me. Such a shame!

In the second place, he mentions a trip to Linz that I have done with 4 weeks delay. First to notice, he mentions a trip to Linz as missing technical qualification.

Second: the one-day trip to Linz, which purpose was to get to know the colleagues in Linz, was delayed because not approved by management! In addition, the trip was replaced with a series of conference calls, so that they cannot even say that the project suffered from the delay.

It is clear the trip to Linz is a ridiculous excuse of manager TM, who is not able to find any serious justification for his accuse of missing technical qualifications.

The third point of his answer: the measurement in temperature of December 2017. The case is completely invented by Intel. In addition is posterior to the CAP, as the CAP was given in October 2017, therefore cannot be used as an answer.

The second answer of manager TM is also a complete fail!


I have shown the incapability of Intel’s managers OS and TM to answer my questions on the CAP. It is clear by now that there are no missing technical qualifications.

It is also clear that the CAP was purely given as retaliation and is part of Intel bullying strategy.

As I was not satisfied with the (no) answers, I kept asking until the 17.05.2018, when I called for a meeting. Read it on my page A meeting with…

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  • Very interresting and I‘m sure or even could confirm that Intel is master on doing such things. They simply don‘t follow their own spoken words or keep their own roles.
    Continue Right against it, simply to show them their own guilty Face in the mirror.
    Cross all my fingers for you

    AND: as Intel meanwhile set you webpage Intervally as unavailable, I would be not surprised if they try to fight against your page, I would even not exclude hacking this and trying with all power to avoid further publishing this

    Be careful!


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