January 2018, official warnings

Intel follows up on the false allegations of December 2017. Be prepared for Intel’s method, because they are not gentle.

In January 2018 I got 2 warnings from Intel, you can see them below. It is based on the fakes of December 2017.

The first warning is for the case of the temperature measurements. The case is made up by manager TM, as you can read in my previous post.
The main points of these fake allegation are:

  • I didn’t start the measurements within 24 hours. They fake that measurements must be started “in aller Regel” (according to the rules) within 24 hours from the request. This is an evident fake because this rule doesn’t exist. In addition, I was technically responsible also for the task prioritization, as manager TM wrote.
  • I was asked to measure 3 samples. Manager TM, who is the one who receives and redistribute the boards, refused 2 times to give me the boards.

The second warning was given because I said manager TM that he is faking everything, to make my work look bad.
The fakes that manager TM collects along his way are not limited to the measurements in temperature shown above, but there is a long list. It starts with the CAP (read on the page CAP and other amenities) and continues with others you can read on the page December 2017 Intel’s false allegations.

HR didn’t even call me to ask my version of the facts. I was “condemned” without even giving the possibility to say my points. Not a surprise, and is a clear indication that the ongoing bullying is company-wide and not driven by manager TM only.

These are the warnings:



  • This company as lost (if it ever had it) any sense of correctness and respect. I feel responsible as well for the bully for all the time I accepted passively the arrogance of the company.
    We should do something!

  • Respect for employees is a foreign concept inside intel. The code of conduct is a book of jokes. Terrible what these clowns can do and are allowed to do.


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