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Intel Corporation CEO Bob Swan

Bob Swan CEO of Intel Corporation, is the CEO of a company with more than 100,000 employees, whose business is comparable to that of a State. The Facts After my reinstatement following a won suit, I returned to Intel. Immediately after my return begins a continuous workplace mobbing by my managers towards me. With the support of the human resources,…

Respect for human rights at Intel

Human rights at Intel are not a priority. If you have read my website you know that organisation's bullying is an ordinary procedure inside Intel. Now this is not the only human right violation at Intel and it is also not new. In the past the talk was about freedom of speech at Intel. The case jumped to the headlines…

My Letter to Newspapers

In my fight for defending my rights against an arrogant company, I decided to write an email to some newspapers.

On Intel Corporation HR low morality

I've seen on my skin what level of vileness Intel and in particular Intel HR is capable of. You can read about the official warnings based on invented facts, on my pages Intel fake allegations, and Intel new fake allegations. All signed and approved by the lowest morality HR department I've ever seen. Just for clarity, disciplinary measures were assigned…
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