Reporting to Intel Corporation CEO

Intel Corporation has a new CEO. Things have changed. For sure the new CEO will act against the unbearable bullying.

So far I have reported to Intel Deutschland GmbH highest management, with the results you can read in my page Reporting to the general manager of Intel Deutschland.

I have reported the going-on bullying to the works council, more than once, with the results you can read on the page The Answers… and Further answers of the works council.

I asked an Open Door Investigation, with the enlightening outcome you can read in my page Open Door Investigation at Intel.

Additionally, I have reported to the manager of the communication and device division, Cormac C (read on my page Focal 2017: only fakes); to the legal department; to the HR managers of Intel Corporation (not Intel Deutschland).

Probably someone else less important, that I’m forgetting, hopefully, he forgives me.

Results? Either no answer at all or laughable answers.

A new complain

It was time to move a step higher. I decided to report directly to Intel CEO.

Remember the code of conduct, you can raise your concern to any manager in your organization.

From Intel code of conduct:

In accordance with Intel’s Open Door Guideline, you can ask questions
and report concerns about the Code with any manager, such as your
direct manager, a department head, a division general manager, or
another manager up to and including the Executive Office;

Former Intel Corporation CEO BK was forced to leave his office, for an alleged violation of the policy of non-fraternization. If you believe this, I have a nice apartment in Times Square, New York to sell you.

The new appointed CEO is Bob Swan. I sent him 2 emails.

2 October 2018. Email to Intel Corporation CEO. I described the going on bullying, explained how I’ve got no answer to all my reportings, explained the Open Door Investigation was “not accurate”. No answer from Intel CEO.

23 Oktober 2018. Email to Intel Corporation CEO Bob Swan, to his second line Murthy R, to his third line Cormac C, to HR_Admin_Germany, to ELB Legal. Reporting the bullying going on in the company. I wrote:

I’m reporting the new bullying behaviors of my manager TM, according to the code of conduct, point “Asking questions and reporting concerns”.
The bullying behaviors consisting in:
– reporting false informations regarding the work I performed
– using an aggressive tone in his email
– assigning me meaningless tasks, using pseudo-technical argumentation
– setting totally unrealistic deadlines for the task he assigns me
– after assigning unrealistic deadlines he doesn’t answer to my question delaying the possibility to satisfy the deadline.
The current bullying behavior is only the last of a series of bullying behavior.
I trust that you are going to take the appropriate measures to stop the current bullying activities.
I also trust there will be no retaliation, in accordance with code of conduct at the point “non-retaliation policy”.

No answer. Intel Corporation doesn’t like confrontation. Especially if you confront them with Corporation misbehaves.

Intel Corporation Code of Conduct

Of course my emails are unanswered. Intel Corporation has a long tradition of workplace bullying. They probably have set up bullying procedures, they use against disliked employees.

One of the procedure is to ignore the bullied employee’s complaints so that he feels isolated, demoralized and helpless. And he gives up opposing the bullying by Intel Corporation.

It remains proven that the Intel Corporation is a bullying company that does not know any ethics up to the highest level of the hierarchy.


It is not a wonder that I didn’t receive any answer. Mobber, bullies, backstabber, all of them need support to survive. Support in form of acceptance, approval and even encouragement from sick Intel Corporate culture.

Intel culture is a bullying corporate culture, where bullies thrive: you soon need to become a bully otherwise you will be the next victim.

I am taking your feedback very seriously
– Intel’s general manager CE


  • No wonder that the mobile business was falling apart, with half of the company busy in bullying you.
    Anyway it looks like you provided some resistance 🙂
    Good luck!

  • Antonio, I don’t quite understand why are you doing this? Is it really worth spending dozens of hours setting up this page, going into all these confrontations and litigation? It’s not worth to risk your health because of this. Don’t carry this around with you, take the separation package and leave all this behind.

    Best regards

    • Hi Mike,
      I try to explain why. I’ve grown up in an environment where the street-bully tried to walk on your head. Then there is the local mafia boss who needs “something” from you. Then there is a bully-company that… I’ve learned when I was a kid, that you need to fight if you don’t want to be bullied by the first coming around. Fight for your right and also fight for the weaker. I tell you, I get sick when I see someone else treated badly from the bully on duty, and it is unbearable for me.
      There is (almost) always a bully around ready to take advantage of you, if you don’t show your teeth.

      The confrontation and litigation are probably lost, and my job is lost, but my dignity is intact. The people who are mentioned (without name) in my page cannot say the same. They have sold their dignity to keep their job (until when?) in the vile company.
      I will find a new job (maybe in New Zeland there is something for me), they will not get back their dignity, sadly enough they probably don’t care.
      It’s a matter of priority. I’ve chosen which ones are mine.

      I hope I was clear in this short answer.

      Take care,


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