June/July 2018, further official warnings on new false allegations

As the showdown is approaching, Intel wants to score some new points. As previously, basing on false allegations. Read about the new false powered by Intel.

The 1st warning

End of May 2018 I communicated manager TM that the test-case I got from a colleague was completely wrong in the post-processing part.

I didn’t communicate that I had an answer for the correct post-processing.

Manager TM answer that I have to prepare a Powerpoint presentation that shows the issue in the test-case and the correction I did.

I was busy with high priority tasks assigned by manager TM, I was 1 week away for sickness. Intel manager TM didn’t re-prioritized the task.

Again the request to prepare a Powerpoint. I didn’t have yet an answer for the correct post-processing.

In the same time, I’m kept busy with request of manager TM to work on an additional task. And he asked me to have my feedback for the Focal within one week.

A third request comes, I finally find out how to post-process the data. I prepared a Powerpoint with only the formula that calculates the correct post-processing.

As a thank-you, Intel will give me an official warning because (their claim) I refused to prepare the Powerpoint, as requested by manager TM.

The post-processing that was done wrong by different colleagues in the verification and in the design team (the “expert”) becomes in Intel’s relation to the court an easy calculation that doesn’t require any effort. If I had not written thousand times before, I would write now that this is shameless!

I communicated the on-going mobbing of Intel to the works council. That ignored my email.

The 2nd warning

In the team, we got the request to enter the measurements on an Excel dashboard.

I entered the results in the Excel files, the measurements were done in more runs (5) because the test-case wasn’t mature enough and was failing to run in one single pass. I collected all the results in one folder, I put one entry in the dashboard with a link to all the results.

I’ve got an official warning (Abmahnung) from Intel because I entered only one entry instead of 5 entries in the Excel file.


In the warning there is the evident fake, this is:

[..] Ihr Vorgesetzeter [..] stellte dabei klar, dass Sie alle Testergebnisse, auch Teilergebnisse einzutragen hatten.

In English:

your manager made it clear that you have to enter all results also partial results.

A complete fake, this is the request of manager TM:

Hi ***

As requested already on Wed (enclosed email), please add al *** and future results to out delivery dashboard:

Best regards,


In the meeting with manager TM, HR employee MTR, works council HH, MTR handed over to me the official warning. I didn’t say a word.

I then communicated the on-going mobbing of Intel with an email to the works council.

You can read the answer of Intel’s works council on my page Further answer…


Intel Corporation misuses the official warnings, a legal tools that is meant to correct wrong behaviours of employees. On the contrary, Intel uses them to its own advantage, to get rid of not anymore wanted employees, inventing from the ground up reason to issue the warnings.

The invent-a-warning strategy was clear since long time, and was also revealed by manager RT in his inappropriate privacy breaching, with almost 6 months in advance.

But it is almost time for Intel to reap the benefits of this long prepared work …

Never back off in front of a bully. Always keep your stance.

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