December 2017: Intel false allegations

With the end of the year approaching, Intel needs excuses to say that my work is insufficient and give me a poor evaluation in the Focal. Manager TM is in charge to make the dirty work. Since I don’t give them any support to claim that my work is poor they have only one possibility: invent. Manager TM starts writing a series of emails of false allegations.

Let’s have a look on these false allegations of Intel. There is a series of emails and then a complete made up case: the case of the measurements in temperature.

The Emails

In the email Intel manager TM made me these false accusations:

  • The students were faster in catching up with the system, while I was lagging behind. This is a BLATANT FAKE of manager TM, I started after the students to work on the system (a fact well know by manager TM), I was the only one to use the system in the ADC team, and the only one to develop test case for the system and integrate them in the regression. I finished the bring-up of the product in December 2017 developing test case on the system, one week before the planned end of the bring up. A BLATANT FAKE of manager TM.
  • He asked the student to run a test and after some minutes he came with the answer. This is another FAKE of manager TM. The student came with the result that the test wasn’t working. In the meanwhile I fixed the test and make it available to the colleagues, including the student itself and manager TM. Another BLATANT FAKE of manager TM.
  • Plus additional fakes, too long to report here. The important point, you have understood it, manager TM is producing fakes for the company. He will continue with his work of building fakes, until I get fired in October 2018.

The temperature measurements

Manager TM wrote what my task are (the subject are the test):

– Plan it

– assign a priority to it

– execute those measurements

– make a plausibility check on the results

– repeat measurements on more DUTs (if needed)

– consolidate the results

– safely store them on the projet drive

– share and review them together with the CD/SE community

Therefore when he ask me to do temperature measurements on the devices I simply made what I’m requested to do: prioritize. I decided to finish the work that was planned and I was doing, before moving to the temperature measurements.

The request was to measure 3 devices, manager TM was receiving the boards and distributing them to the team. He communicated me that he will receive board and will give me.

After 2 or 3 days from his request manager TM starts complaining I haven’t done the temperature measurements. I explained him I have continued with the planned work, I exercised the super-powers above listed (by him), deciding that the test is not urgent, and de-prioritized it. Manager TM wasn’t happy with the answers.

When I ask him further boards, his reaction is hysteric, he answered I already have one board, this must be enough for me and I have to develop and execute the test. As reminder, the request was to measure three boards.

I requested him the board twice, he refused twice to provide the boards.

To summarize:

  • I de-prioritized the test
  • I din’t have the 3 boards

As result Intel will give me an official warning (Abmahnung) for not having started the temperature measurements when requested.
On the page January 2018: official warnings you can see the warning and some additional fakes added by Intel here and there, just to be sure.

One Comment

  • Incredible that there are still people working for intel. We should all leave this nasty company.


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