Intel Corporation CEO Bob Swan

Bob Swan CEO of Intel Corporation, is the CEO of a company with more than 100,000 employees, whose business is comparable to that of a State.

The Facts

After my reinstatement following a won suit, I returned to Intel. Immediately after my return begins a continuous workplace mobbing by my managers towards me.

With the support of the human resources, which will give me disciplinary measures on the basis of facts built artfully by Intel, with the support of a complacent Intel’s works council.

Intel proceeds with the systematic falsification of my work results, and the sabotage of all my work activities. it’s a long-term preparation work for my layoff in October 2018.

My complaints and my requests to stop the workplace mobbing to Intel’s guarantee bodies, the legal department, the personnel department, the general manager of Intel Deutschland GmbH Christin E, have been totally ignored.

So I decided to write to Intel’s new CEO, Bob Swan.

The first email receives no reply. The second email within a few months is equally ignored.

In my emails, I briefly describe workplace bullying and sabotage that I’ve been subjected to for almost a year.

These are short emails, no excuse for him, the CEO will not have much time to read my emails.

I offer to provide evidence of what I say. Offer that will not interest Intel CEO Bob Swan, who will never react to my emails.

Intel Corporation CEO

Of course, it will be said, he has no time to read the complaints of his employees.

But does someone really write to the CEO of the company to complain about something? Probably not many.

And what must happen to write to CEO? It must be something very serious. Just for this reason the intervention of the CEO would be required.

In my case we are talking about mobbing organized by Intel to get rid of me. The bullying is planned in details. Prepared and executed in over a year of bullying at work.

The mobbing acts are cadenced over time, to give the impressions they are “natural”, not a mobbing action perpetrated by Intel Corporation.

The mobbing involves a low ethic human resources department, managers with non-existent ethics, and a council of workers who are compliant and inclined to the company’s wishes.

What Intel CEO does against bullying?

So Bob Swan, CEO of Intel Corporation, what does he do when he reads an email informing him that the company of which he is CEO is daily hateful bullying towards one of his employees?

I don’t know for sure what Bob Swan has done against the mobbing. Considering that Intel’s bullying continued even after my emails, that the Intel company continued to build fakes around my job, until the new layoff in October 2018, there is only one possible conclusion.

Intel’s CEO ignored my request to take action to stop bullying in the workplace.

He probably deleted my email. One thing is for sure, I received no response from him or any of his subordinates.

Intel corporation CEO Robert Bob Swan ignores bullying in his company.

The next question is why does the Intel CEO ignore workplace bullying?

Let’s see two possible answers that come to mind:

  • the Intel CEO is too busy with a thousand important things. This obviously implies that fairness, work ethic and legality within Intel are negligible topics.
  • the Intel CEO knows the bullying practices within Intel well and knows that they are for a “just cause”. So he thinks he doesn’t have to intervene.

One thing is certain, in not replying to my emails the CEO of Intel, directly or indirectly, tolerates and approves mobbing in the world of work as a legitimate business practice.

Let’s go back

We give the CEO of Intel the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s say he hasn’t read my emails. And let’s ask ourselves if the CEO personally reads the emails addressed to him. Maybe not, maybe he has an assistant who filters emails.

And why would this assistant filter an email with such serious content?

We returned to the same point: the assistant knows very well that workplace mobbing is a practice used and abused within Intel Corporation.

Intel’s Code of Conduct

What about Intel’s Code of Conduct someone could ask?

Intel’s code of conduct, is a mere statement of beautiful ethical and moral principles, which serves to advertise externally the image of an Intel company attentive to ethics and morals.

In reality, the code of conduct is very far from a company (Intel Mobbing Company) that has derailed towards an abyss of immorality, which manages to make a mess of any recognized ethical principle.

Intel Corporation is a company that denies fairness and legality. Who scoffs at the laws, because he knows only one law, those of the strongest.

The question remains: does Bob Swan, CEO of Intel Corporation, with his smiling face and friendly bald head, know of this rot inside Intel Corporation?

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