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The works council is by definition a group of employees elected to represent the interests of all employees. All employees. Let’s see if Intel works council does what it is elected for.

Before I got an official written answer from Intel works council, I had a chat with former works council chairman MK, in December 2017 after the CAP and immediately after the start of the fake allegations from manager TM. The chat wasn’t promising. I reported him that:

  • they assigned a CAP (Corrective Action Plan) for poor performances.
  • in the CAP isn’t mentioned the work I performed (so what are those poor performances?).
  • the CAP was containing evident false (missing technical qualifications), that the company isn’t able to demonstrate, not even to substantiate.

Works council chairman MK is not available to say that there is an abuse from the company. He barricades himself behind the mantra that the trust between me and manager TM is lost.

  • I replied that the IR (Improvement Required), and the false allegations contained in it, has been triggered by manager OS.
  • I asked him how can a “lost trust” explain the evident false allegations.
  • I let him notice that I wrote lots of Matlab codes, available to anyone, therefore how can it be that they say that I cannot use Matlab.

Final answer of works council MK: “I cannot judge”.

The direction Intel’s works council is going to take is clear: denial of any evidence!

After the Focal (yearly evaluation of the employee in Intel) meeting in January 2018, where any result of my work was systematically falsified, I decided to make things more officially.

I wrote an email with all my complaints to the works council. I explained and substantiated everything was happening:

  • the false allegations in the CAP
  • the false allegations of December 2017 from manager TM
  • the strategy of the company to give official warnings basing on the false allegations
  • the falsification of all results of my work in the Focal evaluation.

After some months of waiting, I finally get an answer of the works council. The answer comes from the new chairman of the works council HH.

They keep doing on the same track fixed by the previous works council: denial.

Their answers:

  • the false allegations in the CAP -> they (almost all engineers) cannot evaluate.
  • the false allegations of manager TM in December 2017 -> it is task of the manager to assign task to his reporting. Referring to the measurements in temperature they ignore the fact that I’m technically responsible as described by manager TM. They completely ignore the other complaints.
  • fakes in the Focal -> they pass the buck, writing I can ask for a Focal Open Door Investigation. Read about my request in Focal 2017.

I always refused the CAP considering it an abuse, for the reason you have read on my page October 2017: CAP. BUT the works council feels obliged to mention that the CAP was closed without noticing any improvement.

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  • those guys are worst than serpent. Attached to their privileged positions, and available to do anything to keep it.
    If I think I also voted those guys, I need to puke.


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