October 2018: Fired The Second Time

The natural culmination of these long months of bullying. Intel use the warnings (Abmahnung) they gave so far -based on fake allegations-, plus the fakes of August-October, plus a fake reconstruction of a meeting to fire me again in October 2018.

You can read Intel claims below:

[PDF will be added after the end of the lawsuit]

In Intel brief to the court there is the dramatic reconstruction of a meeting I had with manager TM on the 21.09.2018.

The meeting is, if you well remember, the one were manager TM complained that the cables of the 2 test-setups had different lengths (just to mention the most incredible of his complaints). A test-case that is auto-calibrating. And were most of the components are different between the two setups.

He describe these dramatic moments. Let’s revive this moments together. I translate it in English:

Mister TM invited the plaintiff (der Kläger) in a small meeting room, to give feedback on a task that the plaintiff didn’t perform properly and not in the requested quality. It was about the test setup build from the plaintiff, and about not having started the time critic measurements, and not having done a hand over before vacation.

The plaintiff answered that this meeting is only a provocation and he knew what was the purpose of mister TM and the defendant. The plaintiff said many times, that this is a provocation. The plaintiff was loud and really shout at mister TM. Finally, the plaintiff in the course of his very loud utterances loudly hit his hand on the table.

Manager TM was very surprised by the reaction of the plaintiff. He had never experienced such inappropriate and exaggerated behavior with other employees, and especially with the plaintiff before. He was very scared and intimidated by the volume and screaming. He felt very uncomfortable. He jumped at the loud bang that had fallen as the plaintiff slammed his hand on the table. He had not expected such an action and was even more frightened than before and was really afraid.

Finally, the plaintiff stand up. He wanted to leave the room, apparently to go back to his workplace. On leaving the room, the plaintiff told manager TM that he, the plaintiff, now has evidence that manager TM and the defendant are provoking him, the plaintiff. The plaintiff indicated with a gesture on his laptop and his mobile phone, as if this evidence would be in these devices, which held the plaintiff in his hand. In addition, the plaintiff told manager TM when leaving the room that he, the plaintiff, would now make the evidence available to all other employees. Manager TM understood this as a threat that the plaintiff might again send a corresponding email to all employees using a site-wide mailing list.

Please, if you have an heart, don’t remind this tragic moments to manager TM. He could still be shocked by the threats he survived.

Joke apart, the reconstruction is a shameless false of Intel’s manager TM.

They aren’t ashamed to invent that I indicated to my phone to make intend I recorded the discussion. Pure defamation by Intel.

They claim I’ve slapped the door in front of manager TM, no witness and the security camera right in front of the door was off (they claim). It is know, that security camera are there to be kept off.

Of course they reported the story of the test setup, you can read it on the page New false allegation.

In short, they claim that a setup that was used during the complete measurements campaign of the device, produced measurements that were delivered and analyzed by the colleagues without any issue, they say this bench wasn’t working properly. During my last days I did a side-by-side comparison of the two test bench and send to manager TM, this shows without any doubt that the two bench have comparable, if not indistinguishable, performances. With my bench performing better in many case. I have shown also how the original bench was failing in one of the extreme case (flat line) while my bench wasn’t. The claim that the bench isn’t working is again a fake.

To dismiss this false allegation I have the chat with the colleague who used the bench and wrote that he didn’t have any problem to use the bench. Spoiler: this is important, keep it in mind.

In addition, they reported the official warnings they gave in June/July 2018, based on false allegation, you can read on my page June/July false allegation.

And, of course, the official warnings they gave in January 2018, again based on false facts as you can read on my page January 2018, official warnings.

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