TheClown. Episode 6

TheClown and his sugardaddy TheBrownMan are worried about a terrible menace that threatens to bring down the fragile foundations of the Great Idiocratic Reign.

To face the threat, the rulers of the reign decide to censor the site of information of their enemy. It matters little if the censorship makes them seem like pathetic South American dictators or like the Nazi who burned the books of not aligned writers. Surely TheBrownMan and TheGrannySlut don’t know where South America is. As for free thinking, the Nazis had already understood how much it was being overestimated.

TheClown and TheBrownMan discuss it in the internal chat, which also records participants’ thoughts.

On the know dating site
TheBrownMan: ahahah, we have blocked his emails and the access to his website from the great idiocratic reign
TheClown: but doing so looks like we are scared of the truth he publish on his website
TheBrownMan: don’t make me look like a fool
TheClown: (what a complete idiot!) yes, papi.

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