Open Door Investigation at Intel

The code of conduct is the North Star at Intel Corporation. You can ask an Open Door Investigation when you think you’ve been treated unfairly. The incorruptible investigator will not look at anyone. Expect a correct and honest judgment. Not.

When manager OS began with his false allegations, in shortly followed by manager TM, I contacted the legal department to report the evident case of bullying, mentioning the blatantly evident violations of the code of conduct, at the point retaliation and other.

After about one/two months I was contacted by the “independent investigator” MON of the legal department to expose my case. Independent investigator is in quotes because these are the words she used.

I exposed my case verbally and written to the independent investigator MON, I filled pages of evidence, with emails and witnesses, about the on-going bullying. She informed me, that she would collect the answers of manager TM and report them to me to give me the possibility to reply. She never did it. The company doesn’t want any confrontation.

I gave the independent investigator bulletproof evidence. So bulletproof that the independent investigator has decided to disregards them all together with the explanation that I wish “to address everything at a micro tactical level whereas his management expected those discussions on deliverables to be of a more strategic level”.

This is a rhetorical device to avoid analyzing the point. If I say “tell me when my performances have been bad” this is for the independent investigator a micro tactical level that is not worth to be taken into consideration, therefore dismissed without any explanation. What is important for the independent investigator is the strategical level of manager TM, who says nothing more than my performance are bad. Only questioning it is a micro tactical level.

At least it is clear from the answer of the self-defined independent investigator MON what is the strategic level of Intel Corporation. This is, of course, involving the corporation, as the independent investigator MON is not an employee of Intel Deutschland GmbH.

Wiped away the annoying micro tactical level (for the independent investigator, for me: evidence), she collects facts that prove I’m not a good employee. These facts refer to the period from January to June in which I waited for the results of the investigation, and after the facts I reported. Probably suggesting that manager TM is a seer and knew before the facts collected by the independent investigator that he can assign me a CAP.

The facts collected from independent investigator MON are the following:

  1. I use my mobile during team meetings.
  2. I didn’t report on the dashboard while other team members do it constantly (a fake, poorly reported by the independent investigator, you can read it on page June/July 2018 warnings).
  3. the independent investigator (working for HR legal) report that it took me too long time to implements a test case, provided she knows it was similar to another test case (another fake).
  4. I was slow in delivering a test case, the students were faster than me in delivering a similar test case. Ironically, this was one of the fake allegations I reported the independent investigator, that was dismissed by her as micro tactical level.
  5. In my emails, I use colored and large fonts. Finally something true!

To recap the modus operandi of the independent investigator. She dismisses my evidence as micro tactical level, then she collects evidence against me (given by none else than manager TM, and referring to a later period of the facts I reported) and reports those micro tactical level evidence to say I’m not a good employee and deserve the CAP. The independent investigator is clearly independent of the truth.

My request to the legal department for an appeal (just to see how further low the company can go) was ignored.


The Open Door Investigation at Intel Corporation is anything but serious. And the code of conduct is not in good shape.

“He wish to address everything at a micro tactical level”, Intel’s independent of-any-evidence investigator MON


  • Code of Conduct was dead and buried a short time after the Big Klown became CEO and things have only gotten progressively worse since then.

  • The incredible arrogance of a company that has lost any respect for the same people who guarantee its existence.
    I’ve left this company few years ago and didn’t regret it a single minute.


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