Intel Epic Fails

In the rush of dismissing the evidence I brought up, Intel did big mistakes that spoiled up their complete (invented) story.

If you have read the documents on pages October 2018: fired and Fakes in front of the court you have noticed that Intel has been too creative in inventing the story of what a bad employee I am. Here it is.

To recap, this is the accusation of Intel:

  • the test bench is having issues that make it unreliable, and poor performing. The poor performances refer to the period I was back from vacations, as there were no measurements before.
  • I missed to do my work before leaving for vacation (a fake, you can read about on my page New False Allegations).

When I provided evidence that colleague SP used the bench without any issue during my absence, they needed to counter my evidence.

So they have invented that the test bench was completely rebuilt by the colleagues EC and AM during my vacations, therefore the colleague SP found a working bench.


The colleagues reworked the bench, they corrected the list of issues indicated by the company in the relation of 11.12.2018.

BUT when I was back from vacation I got from Intel manager TM a list of issues to correct. This list was exactly the one in Intel relation to the court.


I was working, exchanging emails with manager TM, and reporting the work in project- and team-meeting on ghost issues that have been solved 1 month before by the colleagues.

What about the performances, if the bench was reworked, how was it possible that the bench was having performance issues when I was back from vacations? There wasn’t any measurement before.

To prove the fakes of Intel I can provide:

  • the meeting minutes of the project weekly, the colleagues didn’t report to have worked on my bench.
  • the email exchange with manager TM that shows I was working on the (alleged) issues after I came back from vacation.
  • the meeting minute where manager TM said that colleagues EC and AM weren’t able to use the bench (most probably another fake).
  • the chat with colleague SP, where he says he had no issue with the bench.


  • Intel Deutschland GmbH doesn’t refrain to produce false allegations against the employee it wants to get rid of.
  • Intel Deutschland GmbH isn’t ashamed to bring fakes in front of a legal court.
  • Luckily, they are not smart enough to invent stories that can stand an accurate analysis. What is not surprising knowing the protagonists of this story! Notice that these brilliant brains are the same protagonists of Intel’s disaster in the mobile communication business. Call it karma. Call it consequences of idiocracy. I call it a circle that closes.
Side Notes

1.The test bench was validated and validation files made available in the shared drive before I left for vacation. No complaint received.

2.The test bench was used during the complete verification. With no complaint for the measurements and no appreciable difference compared to the original test bench. A side by side comparison shows that performances are comparable and in some case better. I provided the comparison to manager TM and the works council, who refused to watch it (reported here).

3.The designer/engineers who evaluated the measurements had nothing to complain about the test bench.


  • Hope Intel pays dearly for all their illegal, unethical, inhuman practices since at least 2013 when the Big Klown came to power and now through the continued reign of the BSer.

    • Intel is a fascistic, totalitarian company that demands 200% loyalty and subservience from each and every ’employee’ (more like slaves). Any non-compliant individual will be eventually targeted for management bullying, fake performance reviews, and eventually, layoff.

  • Thanks for taking the time to document thoroughly your case. All of what you mentioned was experienced by many Intel employees, including myself. I was just not as brave as you are and dedicated as you are to fight it all the way. Also, being employed in the US they can fire anyone without giving reasons.

    • In Germany they give reasons, but they have the freedom to invent what they want.
      Not a big improvement.
      thanks and good luck

  • I’m not an Intel employee, and after having read that, I’m happy I’m not. Unbelievably arrogant, illegal, nasty.

  • I wish you strength, courage in your fight for justice. It is tragic that Intel has encouraged official bullying. The layoff & Intel‘ current failures are a result of incompetent mgmt brought in from QC, we now know the story is over for the same reason
    Since we are expecting another massive layoff, you probably will be provided a package & asked to drop the case. I think you ought to file a lawsuit for bullying tp the tune of 100 million including punitive damages.
    Take care & thank you for sharing

  • Dirtiest company I have met in my 30 years experience!
    They make a lot of propaganda about how correct, fair and not-discriminative they are, but the truth is hugely diverging from the official story.

  • Had similar experience – very similar.

    However I sued them hard, being reinstated to work twice and refused to negotiate with them. They simply ignored rule of court but I also ignored all their requests for talks and just sue again for every wrongdoing. After more than a year and 4 lawsuits they agreed for payout and compensation.

    Luckily, most of Intel’s managers spent 20+ years at the Company so they are incapable to deal with real world or anything “out of the box”. It was not so hard to beat them and outsmart them. I understood that their expectation is that they will bully employee in all the possible ways expecting employee will give up quickly. There is no plan B for them.

    In that process of bullying they expose themselves to all kind of wrongdoings so it was a piece of cake to build strong case(s) in the court against them and to win.

    However, I would never work in such toxic environment again.

  • The mobbing, bullying and herd mentality is very strong in this ‘company’. More like a mafia or a religious sect.

    • Homo homini lupus. Give little people a little power and their worst instincts come out, self-preservation instinct and tendency to abuse others. Give them an herd and they feel useful and protected.

  • Many employees in the years have passed through the same treatment. Intel values only wagging employees (like the one in the works council) and wagging manager. The rest are disposable items.

  • When is the big phony Fatso and all his gang of corrupt henchmen from Q getting kicked to the curb?

    • The company is morally corrupted, I don’t think removing Fatso and his court changes anything

      • I just can’t wait until the evil, corrupt Fatso and all his henchmen get kicked to the curb in shame and disgrace, just like he kicked thousands of dedicated employees out back in 2016!

  • I worked for Intel Ireland for 5 years in the 1990’s…..nothing has changed oviously


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