Reporting to the general manager of Intel Deutschland

Intel is a company that is against any form of bullying. The code of conduct is clear on that. We all have done the code of conduct course many times. Of course, any reporting of bullying will be taken into consideration and hard measures are going to be taken. Or maybe not.

During the hard times of ACT 2016 many Intel employees received an email from me, I sent the email to the mail distribution list of the employees in Munich. In my email, I was complaining about the way Intel was acting. As you can read on the page ACT 2016 the company was trying to force the employees using psychological terror to sign a mutual agreement cancellation contract. By using CAP (Corrective Action Plan) or IDP (Individual Development Plan) they tried to force the employees to sign the contract.

At that time, the answer of the general manager Christin E (“die Geschäftsführerin”) to my email was:

It is important for me to better understand your situation as I am taking your feedback very seriously.


Thank you for raising your concerns and bringing it to my attention. [..]

Just showing off for the benefit of those who received the email. She took my concern so seriously that I was fired short after this email.

Back to the future.

In January 2018, after months of questionable behavior of manager Tibor M (and the company) against me, I decided to write to the same general manager CE asking her to intervene and stop the “mobbing” that was going on for months. The email was sent to her only.

Of course, she wasn’t surprised to receive my email, she very likely knows what is going on, and has no intention to move a finger to stop it.

Therefore her answer is not surprising:


I didn’t forget to copy her answer, simply there wasn’t any.

Intel General Manager Christin E never answered to my report on the going-on mobbing.

You might notice the difference between her answer to the first email (“I am taking your feedback very seriously”) when she was pushed to answer in public, and her (no) answer when there is no public to act for.

We just started to take a look at the real Intel. So far:

  • false allegations from Intel’s high- and low-level managers
  • the highest manager of Intel Deutschland GmbH not answering a report of mobbing

Read the next chapters to learn more about the real Intel.

A constant thing about bullying companies is that they don’t answer the complaint. They want you to feel helpless. Be stronger!

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