My Experience in Intel

I worked for Intel from 2011 up to 2019 (officially at least). In 2016 starts the story you will read in this website. Enjoy the read.

I. Part: Introduction

In April 2016 a massive 11% workforce reduction took place. Intel’s methods to force people to leave are ruthless and unfair. I protested vehemently against these methods. I was fired.

II. Part: Fakes

Following a successful lawsuit against Intel, I was re-integrated in my workplace starting of June 2017.

Short after re-joining, they started a massive bullying action. As it was clear to them that I would have not given any opportunity to complain about my work, Intel started systematically faking any result of my work. Collecting the false allegations and using them to fire me a second time. All my complaints are ignored or rejected with grotesque justifications.

III. Part: an acceleration

Intel knows the showdown is coming soon, they want to score some more points to use for my dismissal, with new fakes.

IV. Part: the showdown

Final false allegations. Intel brings them in front of the court.

V. Part: Further info

  • A lawsuit for unfair dismissal (German: Kündigungsschutzklage) is currently underway. I don’t know how this will end, as is not always easy to demonstrate a court you are right. Especially when you are not anymore in the company, and when it gets down to technical discussion in front of a court.
  • A defamation complaint (according to criminal law) against employees TM and MTR, is suspended pending a civil action showing that there were false accusations.
  • Further actions planned, I will update you as soon as they will start.

Never back off in front of a bully. Always keep your stance.

UPDATE 04.06.2019 – My website has hurt the vile company. Because they fired me again today, for the case I win in the court in the second instance.

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