TheClown – Intro

Once upon a time in a far realm, its inhabitants found themselves with the problem of choosing the form of government to adopt.
“Not a Democracy,” said GoodBoy, an elderly and listened watchdog with few ideas but very loyal to its owners. “It is proven that it does not work,” he thundered, limping left and right.

“I propose the monarchy,” said TheGrannySlut, a skinny old prostitute with pointy knees, “and I will be your Queen”. “And I will dance and cheer up your evenings, I will be your and your court’s jester,” said TheClown, a pikie with no education who always managed to crawl into favorable positions.

“I heard that on a farm near here called ‘Animal Farm’, the pigs rule and dogs guard their power” said Frau PigNose, winking at the old GoodBoy who limped from side to side. “Yes, but you’re the only pig here,” her neighbors silenced her, hating her because she always rooted their garbage.

So it was that TheBrownMan, a man who was known for his uselessness, came forward and proposed: “look, we are few people in the realm, if we remove even one man from doing his work, we risk blowing up the whole system. Instead, if we take the most useless, the laziest, the least intelligent and the least prepared elements and we put them to govern the others -that, said between us, are also a herd of sheep- then we will have a perfect system functioning like a Swiss watch”. “Let’s have the most idiots ruling. My uselessness is recognized on the know word, I candidate to be president” concluded TheBrownMan, emanating all around his mephitic smell of excrements.

The proposal of TheBrownMan was greeted with shouts of jubilation, they were all enthusiastic, above all the most idiots who finally had the chance of their lives.

TheClown, knowing he was the most idiotic of all, has already seen himself in glorious positions surrounded by numerous servants in shiny livery.

The old prostitute with pointy knees, feeling the most idiotic of all, besides being sure of her uselessness in society, even as a prostitute, she thought she would soon be idolized as a goddess. The Brown Man, who had not made the proposal by chance, was also sure he could take advantage of it.

Only GoodBoy, for its profound nature of servant, didn’t consider to get any advantage from it.

All happy, the first idiocracy of the known world was born. It was called the Great Idiocratic Reign.

We will follow the events of the inhabitants of this reign. Unfortunately, these stories and the comic strips accompanying them are not so funny, don’t blame me for that, I’m just a storyteller. Blame the characters who are just sad idiots.

TheClown. Episode 6

TheClown and his sugardaddy TheBrownMan are worried about a terrible menace that threatens to bring down the fragile foundations of the Great Idiocratic Reign.

To face the threat, the rulers of the reign decide to censor the site of information of their enemy. It matters little if the censorship makes them seem like pathetic South American dictators or like the Nazi who burned the books of not aligned writers. Surely TheBrownMan and TheGrannySlut don’t know where South America is. As for free thinking, the Nazis had already understood how much it was being overestimated.

TheClown and TheBrownMan discuss it in the internal chat, which also records participants’ thoughts.

On the know dating site
TheBrownMan: ahahah, we have blocked his emails and the access to his website from the great idiocratic reign
TheClown: but doing so looks like we are scared of the truth he publish on his website
TheBrownMan: don’t make me look like a fool
TheClown: (what a complete idiot!) yes, papi.


  • The biggest klown of them all was a certain former CEO with BK initials (thankfully kicked to the curb unceremoniously). However, nothing much will change in the continued reign of the BSer.

  • This Klown story fits a hundred different Intel teams and lickspittle middle managers to a T.

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