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TheClown. Episode 4

The two lovebirds, TheClown and TheBrownMan, do not spare themselves very hot loving games. But every once in a while an accident happen. TheBrownMan known for his red gloves as well as for his incompetence and worthlessness, could have lost something. On the known website mysugarclown.comTheClown: Hi daddy, can you check if you have your […]

TheClown. Episode 3

TheBrownMan likes to populate his useless existence with useless people his equal. The lackeys of his court satisfy him in all his wishes, starting from his sugarclown TheClown. Some voice of disapproval are disturbing his useless stinking existence, but he knows how to react to critics.

TheClown. Episode 6

TheClown and his sugardaddy TheBrownMan are worried about a terrible menace that threatens to bring down the fragile foundations of the Great Idiocratic Reign. To face the threat, the rulers of the reign decide to censor the site of information of their enemy. It matters little if the censorship makes them seem like pathetic South […]

TheClown. Episode 1

Once upon a time in the Great Idiocratic Reign… In the solitude of your workplace, when you are busy torturing employees and eating the shit of your boss, it often happens that you feel that emptiness in your heart that drives you to seek some human warmth on a carnal trade website. It is by […]

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